AASTON Healthcare GmbH

Henstedter Str. 1
24558 Wakendorf II

Tel. +49 4535 29770-10
Fax +49 4535 29770-19

Dr. Sebastian Kleist
General Manager

About us

AASTON Healthcare GmbH (or simply AASTON) is an independent pharmaceutical enterprise located in the metropolitan area of Hamburg.

People from Hamburg are described as being reliable, honest and cosmopolitan! Our guiding principles are professionalism, reliability and clear communication. We enjoy what we do!

AASTON uses existing European price differences in order to supply high-quality products from leading pharmaceutical manufacturers at competitive better prices. We safe costs for the German health care system and patiens alike! We import our products under strictly controlled conditions from other countries of the EU and adapt them according to mandatory German labelling requirements. The regulative fundamentals for the parallel import (PI) of pharmaceuticals are based in the principle of Free Movement of Goods within the EU and the exhaustion of trademark rights. Our products are pharmaceutically identical to the original product from the patent holder.
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AASTON has focused on a highly innovative spectrum of patent protected pharmaceuticals in a selected range of medical indications. We are convinced that this focus leads to a better understanding for our products and the needs of our clients and their patients. We thus have established tight relationships with an exclusive group of specialty pharmacies.
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Pharmaceutical products are a matter of trust! This holds for the patient who takes the medications as well as the doctors prescribing it. It surely does hold for the business relationships in our international supply chain. We look for close and lasting business relationships with our suppliers!