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Our products

AASTON has focused on a highly innovative spectrum of patent protected pharmaceuticals in a selected range of medical indications.

We are convinced that our focus leads to a better understanding for our products and the needs of our clients and their patients. This has enabled us to establish tight relationships with an exclusive group of customers that are themselves leaders in their field.

Cornerstones of our product range are the following fields of therapy that are characterized by high research intensity and produce a continuous flow of product innovations:

1.     Oncology

Pharmaceutical products for the treatment of malign cancer diseases, both for infusion therapy and in form of ready-to-use medications

2.     Neurology

Pharmaceuticals products for the treatment of neurological diseases, in particular Multiple Sclerosis (MS).

3.     HIV-Treatment

Pharmaceuticals products for the treatment of the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) as the cause of AIDS.

4.     Rheumatology

Pharmaceuticals products for the treatment of chronic diseases affecting joints and other connective tissues.