Parallel Import

Key facts about our PI products:

1.    Controlled by national authorities

AASTON is continuously controlled by the German authorities and is observing relevant EU Guidelines (GDP and GMP).

2.    Supported by German regulation

The German legislator has recognized the positive effects of PI products for the German health system and has established an import quota system to support the use of PI products.

3.    Beneficial due to lower pricing

AASTON uses European price differences in order to offer its products at lower reimbursement prices than the original. PI products are up to 15% cheaper.

4.    Identical origin

Production of pharmaceuticals is no longer restricted by national borders. Few production sites supply several national markets. AASTON simply parallel imports!

5.    Certified quality

AASTON adapts its products according to mandatory German labeling requirements using validated processes only. We pay high attention to labeling quality to ensure easy market access.

6.    Strong supplier relationships

AASTON sources from a network of trusted and reliable suppliers that are themselves supervised by their local authorities.